Friday, 27 May 2011

QWOP - the most difficult game ever devised?

We take it for granted that we con't have to think about walking to be able to walk.

QWOP shows us how insanely difficult it would be to perform an everyday action such as running if we had to plan each movement of the muscles in our legs.

I tried out this game and I have to say, I have never played a harder game!

Hit the jump for more and a link to the game.

This rag doll physics game isn't all about making us look like idiots for not being able to control our own movements, it's also incredibly hilarious and I spent over 20 minutes shuffling along on my knees to get to the finish line!

It's great for a laugh so try it out here, and get ready to fall over a million times trying to finish the game!

There is also an iPhone app version of this game, in case you want to take the graceful art of falling on your head on the road with you.

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