Friday, 8 July 2011

Acappella time!

Time to waste more time!

Hit the jump for the link

I seem to never get any work done, and I blame it little toys like this. Or possibly because I have the attention span of a goldfish. In any case, what you do with this is select different sounds to make your own song loops, which actually sound pretty good. Although the selection of beats is limited, you can still put off doing other things for a few minutes with this toy, or you can put it on shuffle mode and let it run in the background.

Try it out here


  1. Music makers like this are so entertaining to play with. I lose interest in minutes, but still =D

    Nice post.

  2. cmon nice music, we want more! keep it up.

  3. I also never get stuff done much :P I just love procrastination too much. Cheers for the follow btw, have one back ^^ Interesting blog too, so I still win.

  4. I love your music! awesome post

  5. haha, so cool. thanks. also thanks for the heads up about selling the paintings on etsy. GREAT success from that!


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