Thursday, 30 June 2011

Solar System Scope

Space, the final frontier... it's also a reason for awesome rockets, sci fi adventures and stuff like this:

Hit the jump for the link

If you love space, or perhaps just messing around looking at all the constellations and wondering what the hell people were smoking when they decided that a group of stars looked like something, then give it a try.  You can also speed up time or go back in time to a certain point in history and see what the sky would have looked like back then.

Stare at computer representations of giant balls of gas and rocks here


  1. Pretty nifty thing, I generally use Stellarium and similar programs, but this is very nice for inside a web browser.

  2. Awesome picture, I like your blog.

  3. nice, space always will fascinate me

  4. That's an amazing link. I think if I had had that when I was a kid then I would've become an astronomer. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. I rather look at the constellations in animal crossing :)

  6. pure awesome. carl sagan would be proud.

  7. Pretty cool man, pretty cool.

  8. The picture reminds me of playing Elite and Star Control.

  9. Space is one of the most interesting things

  10. Man if they only had this years ago...

  11. Hi,
    After the success of SolarSystemScope we have launched a new Watch & Play model

    focused on the Sun and the Moon as they appear from the given location of the Earth surface:
    - current position of the Sun, its trajectory, time and azimuth of sunrise and sunset
    - moon phases, current position and trajectory of the Moon
    - seasons, solstices and equinoxes in chart

    But the most interesting part is to drag the model in time and watch changes during a day or year.
    (polar day and night, analemma and situations on the equator are our favourite)

    Enjoy it :-)


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