Thursday, 23 June 2011

Conduct A Whale Song?

Ever wanted to control a whale with your keyboard? Nope, the thought had never entered my mind. Have a whale come and do my tax returns? Hell yes!

Hit the jump for more and the link to the site

Use your keyboard to make the whale sing different notes while it swims around.  Use the sonar on your submarine to deafen and confuse the whale, then summon your giant squid friends for the most epic battle of the all time! Or you could listen to the whale singing, like you were supposed to. How awesome would it be to have a whale small enough to keep as a pet? I would have one if I could, except I would want it to have fur  instead of skin and blubber. And if lived on dry land. And had whiskers, and a long skinny tail and enjoyed a bit of cheese. Ok, so that would actually be a rat, and I can hear them rummaging around in the bins outside right now... time to catch me a pet rat!

You can play with the whales right here


  1. Lol, I would take the time to fool around with this, but I'm at work right now so I'll save it 'til later =D

  2. I always thought whales sounded creepy, lol.

    Haven't thought about opening the HDD case for a tutorial yet, but I will get around to it.

  3. hahaha that shit is soothing. I'll probably end up spending way to much time with this...

  4. Lol, i'm going to have to try this when I finish with work.


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