Thursday, 30 June 2011

Google Doodles!

Time for some of Google's best interactive doodles:

Hit the jump for more and the links

Recently the Les Paul and Pacman Google doodles have destroyed productivity across the world, time to waste some more time all over again!

Strum along with the Google Les Paul guitar here

Mess around with Google's logo with this physics based doodle here

Google's worst productivity killer of all time: play Pacman here

Interact with the animals for earth day here

Flick a bucky ball around here

Launch the Vostok rocket here

Take a trip 20,000 leagues under the sea here

Prod the very heart of Google here


  1. I like this, thank you!

  2. are you in love with google ? :O

  3. The physics balls doodle was my favorite. I was going to ask if you knew the link but it's already here thanks!!

  4. Thanks, the Pacman one is awesome :D


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